[tor-dev] Building TOR using Visual Studio

Yaron Goland yarong at microsoft.com
Thu Oct 16 18:41:13 UTC 2014

This is a bit outside of my area but shouldn't VS2013 Express support C99? That is available for free.


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As far as I know only Visual Studio 2013 has C99 support. Upgrade to VS2013 costs about 300$ for commercial versions, a lot of code was written in earlier versions...
By the way, I fixed only about 10 lines of code and finally I managed to build the TOR using VS2008, so i think it's not so hard to make the code suitable for VS2008. How can I show you my changes? Make a diff in git and attach to the message?

2014-10-16 22:16 GMT+04:00 Nick Mathewson <nickm at freehaven.net<mailto:nickm at freehaven.net>>:
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> Hi all! I'm new at this list :-)
> I decided to understand how TOR works and I want to build it in VS to debug
> it and explore it's internals. I have Visual Studio on my first PC and I got
> errors during build on address.c. I investigated the reason: commit
> 0ca83872468af59b94e14fe7fdfcb38cb5a3f496
> I have Visual Studio express 2013 on my second PC and I didn't have any
> problems building the TOR.
> So I have two questions: did you decide not to support old Visual Studio
> versions or it'll be better to build TOR in VS2008 too? If old versions
> aren't supported, should it be some #error directives in sources to explain
> this decision? It was really hard to understand where's the problem, so I
> think #error will be very helpfull.
> If you give me some instructions about the problem, I'll try to commit the
> changes. Thank you.

Hello, Vladimir!

That's the commit where we decided that, since C99 is 15 years old
now, it's probably okay for us to require a compiler to support it.  I
thought that I would get more feedback by breaking the master branch
than by asking on a mailing list.

I'd be happy to take a patch that added #error directives for
compilers that don't have basic C99 support.

But first, I'd like to ask you, and anyone else who sometimes uses
compilers that don't support C99: Is it important for Tor that we keep
supporting C89? Are there a lot of VS2008 users who can't upgrade?

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