[tor-dev] Building TOR using Visual Studio

Владимир Мартьянов vilgeforce at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 11:40:21 UTC 2014

Hi all! I'm new at this list :-)

I decided to understand how TOR works and I want to build it in VS to debug
it and explore it's internals. I have Visual Studio on my first PC and I
got errors during build on address.c. I investigated the reason: commit

I have Visual Studio express 2013 on my second PC and I didn't have any
problems building the TOR.

So I have two questions: did you decide not to support old Visual Studio
versions or it'll be better to build TOR in VS2008 too? If old versions
aren't supported, should it be some #error directives in sources to explain
this decision? It was really hard to understand where's the problem, so I
think #error will be very helpfull.

If you give me some instructions about the problem, I'll try to commit the
changes. Thank you.
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