[tor-dev] Summary of meek's costs, September 2014

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Wed Oct 1 07:38:00 UTC 2014

Here's the previous summary for August 2014:
The numbers in this message are little higher because last time the
month wasn't quite over.

August 2014:    $1.63 for App Engine, $3.10 for Amazon
September 2014: $3.85 for App Engine, $4.59 for Amazon, $0.00 for Azure

The App Engine report still doesn't have a record for September 30, so
it's probably a little low. meek-appspot-2014-10-01.png shows
bytes/second for the last 30 days.

Last month I gave a misleading impression of the Amazon bill. I only
reported the line items that had a non-zero charge, which made it look
like only one CDN region (US East) was being used. Actually the other
regions were being used too, but the number of requests didn't rise
above the threshold where it started to cost money. The thresholds and
rates are different for each region. Here's this month's bill, with
request numbers for each region. This time, the Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
region also had a non-negligible fraction of the cost.

Asia Pacific (Singapore)	1400K requests	$0.04
Asia Pacific (Sydney)		  80K requests	$0.00
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)		 900K requests	$0.91
EU (Ireland)			 400K requests	$0.01
South America (Sao Paulo)	   0K requests	$0.00
US East (Northern Virginia)	3600K requests	$3.63

I don't think you can directly infer where users tend to be from these
figures either. I think it has to do with changing ongoing cost
optimization, which data center you get routed to. There might also be a
bias because for most of the month, the Tor relay behind the CDN was in
the U.S. meek-amazon-2014-10-01.png shows megabytes/day for September.

Azure is currently running on a free trial for a year. I couldn't figure
out how to get it to show a graph for the last month, but
meek-azure-2014-10-01.png shows megabytes/hour for the last seven days.

David Fifield
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