[tor-dev] New documentation for Tor Metrics website

Harmony harmony01 at riseup.net
Mon Nov 24 17:58:30 UTC 2014

Karsten Loesing:
> Dear list,

Dear Karsten!

> writing documentation is hard work.  I'm sure you already knew that, but
> let me re-assure you that I now believe it, too.  At least until I
> forget it again and carelessly start documenting something else that
> looks tiny and friendly and trivial to document.

Thank you for spending time on this.

> Anyway, I spent the last day (felt like half a week) on rewriting the
> relevant text for the Tor Metrics website, and I wrote a short glossary
> of terms I didn't want to explain over and over.
> Would people on this list mind reviewing my text and suggesting
> improvements?

I had a look through and I didn't make any drastic changes, just picked
a few small nits. I attach a patch file for your reading pleasure. Let
me know if you disagree with anything or my changes have made things
even less clear.

Two comments:

1. "Statistics include subsets of relays or bridges by...country code
(only relays and only until February 2013)..."

Do you mean here "from the beginning of time until Feb '13" or "from
present day back as far as Feb '13"? I guess it would be clear from
context, but I understood the former; if the latter is meant then maybe
"as far back as" instead of "until".

2. You might include a definition of "consensus", since although it is a
technical term, it is not intuitive and comes up a few times in the rest
of the text. I haven't put it in the document in order to preserve the
line count but maybe it could go like this, if you wanted it:

<a name="consensus"></a><p><b><a href="#consensus">consensus:</a></b> a
single document compiled and voted on by the <a
href="#directory-authority">directory authorities</a> once per hour,
ensuring that all <a href="#client">clients</a> have the same
information about the <a href="#relay">relays</a> that make up the Tor

with a link to the same entry where "consensus" appears elsewhere.

That's it.

> Thanks in advance, much appreciated!  In fact, I'm pretty sure that all
> future visitors of Tor Metrics will appreciate your efforts.

Thanks for writing the documentation!
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