[tor-dev] Stormy - request for feedback

Nicolas Vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Mon Nov 17 12:33:16 UTC 2014

On Mon, 17 Nov 2014, Griffin Boyce wrote:

> Hello all,
>   So as some of you know, I've been working on installers for hidden
> services, to ideally make very common services (such as blogs and plain
> websites) easy to deploy and automatically update.  This is a very rough
> version of the one-click hidden service installer, but I'd love to get
> feedback on places where it breaks and where it could use a major structural
> change.

Here is an idea for a major structural change. That's probably too much
changes if you're planning to have a first version soon, but maybe for a
future 2.0 version if this change looks like a good idea.

After looking at the scripts, it looks quite similar to configuration
that is usually done with tools such as ansible, puppet, saltstack,
etc ...

So I am thinking that an other way to do it could be to write a few
ansible modules (or modules for your favorite configuration management
tool) for the various tasks currently done by the script (installing
nginx, installing a blog software, setup a hidden service, configure
the firewall, etc ...), or take existing modules if they do what is
needed. Then write a GUI program that will ask some questions, and when
you click on the "setup" button generate an ansible variables file
containing the answers to those questions (variables which are used by
the ansible modules), and run ansible to apply the changes on the system.

Normal users would only use the GUI and click "setup", but expert users
would be able to take the modules and include them in their own ansible
setup without the GUI.

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