[tor-dev] [GSoC Stegotorus] server segfault

vmon at riseup.net vmon at riseup.net
Tue May 27 07:43:48 UTC 2014

Hey Noah,

Thanks for the progress.

T:7.9593: ckt 1 <ntp 10 outq 0>: send 8 <d=0 p=32 f=DAT>
7.9593 [debug] send_targeted: <1> efficiency: 151.000000
7.9594 [debug] conn_send_eof: <1.10> flushing out 5496 bytes
7.9594 [debug] conn_do_flush: <1.10> flushing 5496 bytes to peer
7.9595 [debug] send: <1.4> must send
7.9595 [debug] transmit_room: <1.4> checking available capacity for
type 3
7.9596 [debug] send_targeted: <1.4> requests 75 bytes (http)

[error] Segmentation fault at 0000000000000000

It says

7.9595 [debug] transmit_room: <1.4> checking available capacity for
type 3

so it was trying to send (probably for the first time) swf and it
crashed. If you are lucky and swf doesn't get chosen by random then you
won't get crash for a while.

I very much think it is the problem with that extra
that you wrote in the encode that causes the crashes. It returns
negative value because there is no http response header there.
Take those off and see if it passes or not. If the error persists, I'll
try to locate it by going step by step. 

"0.0005 [debug] ApachePayloadServer: payload database does not exists.
0.0006 [debug] ApachePayloadServer: scarping payloads to create the
0.0066 [warn] scrape: error opening the payload database file: No such
file or directory
0.0070 [error] ApachePayloadServer: Cannot open payload info file.

For http_apache you either need to run apache on your server or give
another http server as the cover_server option in the command
line. Let's not go there yet. If http steg works, we should be happy
with this step.

Thanks for the progress and the commit,

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