[tor-dev] Cute Otter == Tahoe-LAFS + Tor?

Leif Ryge leif at synthesize.us
Fri May 16 17:17:16 UTC 2014

I think the idea would be to have a web publishing app which doesn't
necessarily expose Tahoe-LAFS to users directly, but rather just has a
"Publish" button which uploads to it. The only user exposure to Tahoe-LAFS
would be that the URLs contain lengthy cryptographic idenitifers (read
capabilities). For instance, this is the URL to a page about the Onion Grid:
This is certainly not something you'd write on paper and expect users to type
in, whereas the current 80-bit .onion address might be. But, I believe the
hidden service improvements plan includes onion addresses getting a lot longer
anyway, so this loss of typability isn't a unique problem here.

What properties does stormy provide? Can I read about it somewhere?


On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 12:12:40PM -0400, Griffin Boyce wrote:
>   I'm working on a project with the same goals (Stormy), but not
> sure what the status is for formalized Torstuff.
>   For me at least I'm not interested in using Tahoe because it adds
> unnecessary complexity.  My work with users typically shows that
> people have learned or been taught how to use PGP/OTR, but don't
> have experience as sysadmins and don't have consistent access to
> advanced technical help.  It's also far beyond what most sysops
> actually need.  For WikiLeaks, it might make sense.  But for The
> Dubai Times, it might not and the complexity is more likely to
> confuse/demoralize people.
> ~Griffin
> On 2014-05-16 01:56, David Stainton wrote:
> >Hi, What is going on with that cute otter hidden service
> >publishing project?
> >
> >What do people think about having it use the Tahoe-LAFS Onion Grid and
> >lafs-rpg instead of telling users to run their own webservers?
> >Tahoe-LAFS could help to greatly increase the security and censorship
> >resistance of the data being published.
> >
> >If the people involved with this were interested in using Tahoe-LAFS
> >as the data store then I would be more than happy to help out with
> >this. (I don't do any web development at all)
> >
> >
> >Sincerely,
> >
> >David

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