[tor-dev] Finding the catch probability

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I have installed the shadow(v 1.9.2) and ran it also. Then I perform the
following process:

 I will first use any of the four examples included in the scallion

2. In "shadow.config.xml" file, numbers of clients, guard, middle, exit and
webservers are configured.

3. Lets suppose that I added certain number of guard or exit nodes with
high bandwidth in this "shadow.config.xml" file and run the simulation. The
clients will try to download a file from the webserver by selecting three
nodes, according to path selection algorithm, among these all nodes
including mine inserted nodes also.

4. Now I want to observe the probability of selection of my inserted nodes
as entry or exit nodes by the clients* (catch probability)*.

5. Again I will change the number of nodes to be inserted and run the
simulation and find the catch probability.

After running the simulation, a log file will be created, "scallion.log".
 So using this log file, how to find the catch probability by using the
analyze.py script?


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> Hi,
> Everything you need to know about running experiments on Shadow:
>     https://github.com/shadow/shadow/wiki
> (Including installation)
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