[tor-dev] Hidden Service Scaling

waldo waldoalvarez00 at yahoo.com
Fri May 9 21:34:05 UTC 2014

El 09/05/14 16:03, Christopher Baines escribió:
>>>> Maybe a good idea would be to try to reconnect and if it is
>>>> failing too much select another IP.
>>> It currently does do this, but on probably a shorter time period
>>> than you are suggesting. It keeps a count of connection failures
>>> while trying to reconnect, but this is reset once a new connection
>>> is established.
>> Yes I meant measuring a larger time period and over different
>> circuits as the cause of disconnection could have being the circuit
>> failing and not the IP.
>> What happens if the HS just goes offline for a while? It keeps trying
>> to connect, finds that it can't connect to the IPs and picks another
>> set? You are differentiating that case?
> I am unsure what you mean here, can you clarify that you do mean the
> "HS", and what "It" refers to?
Sorry I meant the HS instance. If the instance goes offline, let's say 
the network interface goes down and it keeps running but can't can't 
create any circuits to the IP. Looks according to your other 
explanations that it reads the HSDir and tries to reconnect to older IPs.

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