[tor-dev] GSoC Project: A Lightweight Censorship Analyzer for Tor

Jacob H. Haven jacob at jhaven.me
Fri May 2 01:13:24 UTC 2014

Hi Everyone,

I'm a student completing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at
Stanford. This summer I'm going to be working with Tor for Google Summer of
Code 2014. I'll be packaging a tool to allow non-technical users to monitor
censorship of Tor occurring in their country/network

My project based on Phillip Winter's paper "Towards a Censorship Analyser
for Tor" <http://www.cs.kau.se/philwint/pdf/foci2013.pdf> [1], and design
requirements described in [2]. My main goals being to:

   - Implement a number of tests using OONI [3] Including reachability to
   directory authorities, the torproject.org, bridges.torproject.org
    and relays
   - Bundle tests into small binary that is easy to distribute and run
   - With user's consent, transmit (anonymized) data back to Tor Project
   - Leave no trace of use on user machine after tool removal. Obfuscate
   network traffic to attempt to hide analysis.
   - Produce user-friendly output so non-technical users gain better
   understanding of why Tor connections failing and perhaps possible remedies

I'll be on IRC as jhaven, as QuicksilverJohny on
and available via email at jacob at jhaven.me.

Thanks to Philipp (phw) and Art (hellais) for helping me as mentors over
the summer!

[1] http://www.cs.kau.se/philwint/pdf/foci2013.pdf
[3] https://ooni.torproject.org/

Jacob H. Haven – http://jhaven.me <http://jhaven.me/>
jacob at jhaven.me
jhaven at cs.stanford.edu
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