[tor-dev] Feedback on recent Globe improvements

Christian me at rndm.de
Mon Mar 31 20:24:13 UTC 2014

On 31.03.2014 19:54, Karsten Loesing wrote:
> On 31/03/14 18:38, Christian wrote:
>> On 31.03.2014 08:38, Karsten Loesing wrote:
>>> On 30/03/14 22:54, Christian wrote:
>>>> On 30.03.2014 12:44, Karsten Loesing wrote:
>>>>> And finally, you asked about showing numeric averages next to graphs,
>>>>> like on:
>>>>> https://status.github.com/graphs/past_week
>>>>> I like the idea.  I think we shouldn't split up graphs to have only 1
>>>>> line per graph, because that makes it hard to compare incoming and
>>>>> outgoing traffic or the various weights to each other.  But it could
>>>>> help to have numeric averages in the same color as graph lines next to
>>>>> the graphs.
>>>> Do you think, that we should place all graphs above eachother?
>>>> With more than two graphs it's harder to compare them if they're
>>>> positioned in a grid like fashion.
>>> Putting them above each other might make sense, yes.  Also reducing
>>> graph height might work, so that all graphs fit on a small display.
>>> Here's another thing I like in GitHub's graphs: the "Past Day/Past
>>> Week/Past Month" selector that affects all graphs at once.  Do you think
>>> something like that would work for Globe (or Globe-node)?
>> I thought about that, but wasn't sure how we should handle periods that
>> aren't available for all history documents.
>> Bandwidth documents go from '3_days' to '1_year'.
> Bandwidth documents should also be available for '5_years'.

My fault, I haven't seen the line break.

>> Weight, clients and uptime documents from '1_week' to '5_years'.
> That's true.  But you could use data from the '1_week' lines by skipping
> everything until $(now - 3 days) and only displaying the last 3 days.
> Those graphs will have slightly lower "data resolution" than the
> '3_days' bandwidth graph, but it will still be useful to compare them to
> the bandwidth graph.
> (I guess I should add this remark to the Onionoo protocol page.)

I added computed 3_days graphs.

Do you think it would be better to modify the graphs so all of them
start/end at the same time? (There is a small offset because the first
and last fields aren't always the same)

Next up I'll add some data for the left column. Is there anything
special that should be visible there?
If not I'm going to use the status.github idea and display average graph
data there.

>> Here's a WIP build that contains tabs and graphs above eachother:
>> http://globe.rndm.de/canary/index-11349-graph-layout.html
> Looks really good!
>> If the period isn't available it displays the 'No data available' message.
> That's fine.  After all, there may be edge cases when there's no data
> available, not just in the '3_days' case.
>> (I'm going to port these changes to globe-node if we're done with the ui
>> and functionality of the new graphs)
> Sure.
> Thanks!
> All the best,
> Karsten

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