[tor-dev] Minutes from Weather rewrite meeting on March 5

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Wed Mar 5 18:52:38 UTC 2014

- only participants today: baumanno and karsten
- karsten starts reporting what he did since last meeting
- karsten reviewed two tickets
- karsten wrote down GSoC idea (u. Rewrite Tor Weather on
- karsten defined criteria for sending out welcome mails using Onionoo's
details documents (#11084)
- baumanno starts reporting what he did since last meeting
- baumanno closed issue reported by karsten on GitHub repo
- baumanno and karsten agreed that there should be unit tests in
weather; baumanno is going to create a ticket for this after the
meeting; there should be some unit testing framework that plays well
with Django
- baumanno used most of the existing weather code for scraping emails
from relay descriptors
- baumanno went on to begin implementation of the welcome script, which
leads to #11084
- baumanno notes that we're still missing the script nufuk is working
on; baumanno is going to ping him via email and suggest that either
feverDream or baumanno takes over
- baumanno and karsten wonder how far feverDream is with the vagrant
box; this will be very useful to have
- baumanno says that utility scripts are ready, so that branching off
stable weather would make sense
- karsten asked tor's git admins for a user/karsten/weather.git repo
that we can use as new stable for now; this is going to be much easier
than for feverDream or baumanno to ask for a repo on tor's git
- baumanno is going to keep tickets open until we merged them into
- baumanno will create a new branch from atagar's weather repo, add
commits, push to a new branch on github, and comment on a trac ticket to
pull/review/merge; he's going to cc karsten on the ticket
- next meeting is next wednesday at 18:00 utc

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