[tor-dev] [GSoC 2014] Revamp GetTor: Send HTTP links for downloading TBB

Israel Leiva israel.leiva at usach.cl
Tue Jun 10 03:56:40 UTC 2014


I've been discussing with my mentors (Sukhbir and Nima) the option of
sending HTTP links to download TBB via GetTor. The main reason for this
would be that in some censor countries is very difficult to download a "big
file" (>= 10 Mb) over SSL, so HTTP links would be needed. Obviously, the
user would be warned about the lack of SSL and that he/she *must* verify
the integrity of the bundle. On the other side, bundles downloaded over
HTTPS should also be verified if you need maximum security, since we can't
trust in the cloud services neither. (e.g. Dropbox).

Since this is not an easy decision, we've decided to discuss it publicly.
Any thoughts on this? What's your experience regarding this matter? All
feedback is welcomed.

In the meanwhile we'll keep considering HTTPS links only.

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