[tor-dev] [android dev] probably a stupid noob question… but

Nathan Freitas nathan at freitas.net
Thu Jul 31 19:55:20 UTC 2014

On 07/31/2014 12:18 PM, CJ wrote:
>> > I'm not sure there is much knowledge about Android apps amongst tor-dev
>> > subscribers. Maybe the Guardian Project's mailing list is more
>> > appropriate?
>> > https://lists.mayfirst.org/mailman/listinfo/guardian-dev
>> >
> Hello Lunar,
> thanks for the hint, I wasn't really sure it was the right place in here…

Yes, agree! Come on over to guardian-dev, and we'll be glad to help.

That said, if you are using Eclipse, you just need to "import android
projects from source" using the File menu, and then add the project as a
dependency to your project.

We also general use git submodules, so we add NetCipher in
external/netcipher under our projects dir via "git submodule add
https://github.com/guardianproject/netcipher.git external/netcipher" etc.


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