[tor-dev] UX Idea - A controller inside TBB

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Tue Jul 29 15:10:43 UTC 2014


Mark Smith wrote (29 Jul 2014 13:38:55 GMT) :
> Just so others are aware:  Arthur is actively working on this ticket:

> "Create Browser UI indication for current circuit status and exit IP"
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/8641

Thanks for pointing to it. This might be enough for Tails to stop
shipping Vidalia, finally :)

However, ideally we would also need a UI that allows monitoring
circuits created by non-web usage, which is apparently not covered by
that ticket. Not sure if it's a real blocker. Damian, what's the
status wrt. providing this feature in arm?


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