[tor-dev] Chutney couldn't start Tor instances

Jesse Victors jvictors at jessevictors.com
Sun Jul 27 16:50:17 UTC 2014

Thanks Sukhbir,

This was exactly it. I took me a few times, but I got it in the end. To make Chutney work:

1) Comment out the "TestingClientDownloadSchedule" line in torrc_templates/client.tmpl and in torrc_templates/client.tmpl
2) Comment out the "TestingV3AuthVotingStartOffset" line in torrc_templates/authority.tmpl
3) In torrc_templates/authority.tmpl, change the value of "TestingV3AuthInitialVoteDelay" from 2 to 20
4) In the same file, change the value of "TestingV3AuthInitialDistDelay" from 2 to 20. These are the lowest these values can go.
5) $ ./chutney configure networks/basic
6) $ ./chutney start networks/basic
7) $ ./chutney status networks/basic

As you pointed out, removing line 469 of lib/chutney/TorNet.py (removing the --quiet option at launch) does give some great diagnostic information.
10/10 nodes now running, thanks again for the help. Hopefully the Chutney devs see this!

Relevant: https://xkcd.com/196/

Jesse V.

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> Hi,
>> No log files are generated in <path>/net/nodes/000a, so I don't know what
>> happened. I don't see any conflicts with ports on localhost as far as I can
>> see.
>> Tor version and Python 2.7.5+ are installed. Any ideas?
> I find it helpful to remove the "--quiet" switch from
> lib/chutney/TorNet.py (line 469) so that I can actually see why Tor
> failed to start. That is the right place to start looking.
> In your case, it is probably TestingClientDownloadSchedule or
> TestingServerDownloadSchedule that is causing the issue since I
> remember something with one of the versions in 0.2.4 (not exactly sure
> which). Try removing these lines from torrc_templates/client.tmpl,
> torrc_template/relay.tmpl and then reconfigure the network and then
> start it. It is either this, or DirServer/DirAuthority but the verbose
> output will tell you the exact problem (look for "err").
> I have found these issues to be common when using an earlier version
> because of mismatch between the templates Chuntey is configured to use
> (recent versions of Tor) versus earlier versions with different
> options. But the fix is easy -- just update the template and
> reconfigure the network.

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