[tor-dev] Chutney couldn't start Tor instances

Jesse Victors jvictors at jessevictors.com
Sat Jul 26 20:34:14 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm doing some research on Tor and I'm trying to set up a small sample Tor network to play with. I cloned the Chutney repository with
/$ git clone https://git.torproject.org/chutney.git/
and then I ran
/$ ./chutney configure networks/basic/
which generated the keys for each of the three authorities and also set up five relays and two clients. Everything looked good, but when I ran
/$ ./chutney start networks/basic/
it says:

/Starting nodes//
//Couldn't launch test000a (tor --quiet -f <path>/net/nodes/000a/torrc): 255//
//Couldn't launch test001a (tor --quiet -f ///<path>//net/nodes/001a/torrc): 255//
//Couldn't launch test002a (tor --quiet -f ///<path>//net/nodes/002a/torrc): 255//
//Couldn't launch test003r (tor --quiet -f ///<path>//net/nodes/003r/torrc): 255//
//Couldn't launch test004r (tor --quiet -f ///<path>//net/nodes/004r/torrc): 255//
//Couldn't launch test005r (tor --quiet -f ///<path>//net/nodes/005r/torrc): 255//
//Couldn't launch test006r (tor --quiet -f ///<path>//net/nodes/006r/torrc): 255//
//Couldn't launch test007r (tor --quiet -f ///<path>//net/nodes/007r/torrc): 255//
//Couldn't launch test008c (tor --quiet -f ///<path>//net/nodes/008c/torrc): 255//
//Couldn't launch test009c (tor --quiet -f ///<path>//net/nodes/009c/torrc): 255/

No log files are generated in <path>/net/nodes/000a, so I don't know what happened. I don't see any conflicts with ports on localhost as far as I can see.
Tor version and Python 2.7.5+ are installed. Any ideas?

Jesse V.

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