[tor-dev] Tor Research Framework

Gareth Owen gareth.owen at port.ac.uk
Sat Jul 26 16:45:04 UTC 2014

Hi all

I am releasing under the GPL a Java based Tor research framework that I
have developed.  The goal of the framework is to provide a simple and easy
to read/modify implementation of the protocol that allows you to do things
wrong.  This enables researchers to try things out without trying to battle
with the full tor client source or with a client that tries to help you
(e.g. by proactively building circuits) - this one does as its told and no

At present, it is a fully functional client with a number of examples for
hidden services and SOCKS.  You can build arbitrary circuits, build
streams, send junk cells, etc.

I want to build up the examples over the coming months to include sample
attacks on tor (e.g. traffic pattern generators/detectors).  I also want to
build out the documentation to reduce the barrier to entry for researchers
as much as possible.

I hope it will be useful to someone - patches/pull requests always welcome!



Best wishes


Dr Gareth Owen
Senior Lecturer
School of Computing, University of Portsmouth

Tel: 02392 846423
Web: ghowen.me
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