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Fri Jul 25 21:59:30 UTC 2014

Griffin Boyce transcribed 1.6K bytes:
> Lunar wrote:
> > We can't just make Tor Browser stop accepting obfs2 because some
> > people are using obfs2 bridges right now. But we shouldn't add more
> > people to the set of users of a broken protocol.
>   We should really be reaching out to those running obfs2 nodes and
> convincing them to move to obfs3 if at all possible.
>   Related question: are there geographic areas where standard bridges
> are being blocked, where obfs2 are still usable?

Yes, some university/corporate networks.

> If so, maybe in the future it would be possible to restrict distribution of
> remaining obfs2 bridges to those areas.

Unfortunately, this is rather hard to detect in automated fashion, and I would
have no interest in building nor maintaining such a list.

> But on the whole I agree that giving those out is problematic.  Unless they
> comprise a large portion of bridges, maybe it's time to phase them out of
> bridgeDB (not necessarily TBB).

Well, you're correct that obfs2 isn't the majority anymore (finally!), but
there still is a rather huge chunk of bridges which are obfs2:

bridgedb at ponticum:/srv/bridges.torproject.org$ grep 'transport obfs2' from-authority/cached-extrainfo* | wc -l
bridgedb at ponticum:/srv/bridges.torproject.org$ grep 'transport obfs3' from-authority/cached-extrainfo* | wc -l
bridgedb at ponticum:/srv/bridges.torproject.org$ grep 'transport scramblesuit' from-authority/cached-extrainfo* | wc -l
bridgedb at ponticum:/srv/bridges.torproject.org$ grep 'transport fte' from-authority/cached-extrainfo* | wc -l

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