[tor-dev] Typos in 224-rend-spec-ng.txt

Tim t_ebay at icloud.com
Mon Jul 21 13:00:56 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I've found a few typos in the first few sections of 224-rend-spec-ng.txt at

I tried finding an existing bug or wiki entry on trac to log these against, but I couldn't find anything relevant with:

The typos are: (I read from the start to Section 2.2.3)

Line 392, S 1.3, [IMD:AC]: 'knowledge od the contents' (knowledge *of* the contents)

Line 618, S 2.2.1, [TIME-PERIODS]: 'a single set of hidden service directory' (*directories*)

S 2.2.3. Where to publish a service descriptor:

Line 702 : 'hsdir_n_replicas' should be 'n_replicas' to be consistent with lines 710-711: 'where n_replicas is determined by the consensus parameter "hsdir_n_replicas"'

Line 733: "An HSDir should rejects a descriptor" (should *reject*)

Hope this helps.


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