[tor-dev] Looking for front-end web developers for network status websites Atlas and Globe

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Thu Jul 17 14:26:53 UTC 2014

Hello front-end web developers,

Philipp and I are looking for somebody to fork and extend one of the two
main Tor network status websites:

https://atlas.torproject.org/ or https://globe.torproject.org/

Here's some background: both the Atlas and the Globe website use the
Onionoo service (https://onionoo.torproject.org/) as their data back-end
and make that data accessible to mere humans.  The Onionoo service is
maintained by Karsten.  Atlas was written by Arturo as proof-of-concept
for the Onionoo service and later maintained (but not extended) by
Philipp.  Globe was forked from Atlas by Christian who improved and
maintained it for half a year, but who unfortunately disappeared a
couple of weeks ago.  That leaves us with no actively maintained network
status website, which is bad.

Want to help out?

Here's how: Globe has been criticized for having too much whitespace,
which makes it less useful on smaller screens.  But we hear that the web
technology behind Globe is superior to the one behind Atlas (we're no
front-end web experts, so we can't say for sure).  A fine next step
could be to fork Globe and tidy up its design to work better on smaller
screens.  And there are plenty of steps after that if you look through
the tickets in the Globe and Atlas component of our bug tracker.  Be
sure to present your fork on this list early to get feedback.  You can
just run it on your own server for now.

The long-term goal would be to have one or more people working on a new
network status website to replace Atlas and Globe.  We'd like to wait
with that step until such a new website is maintained for a couple of
weeks or even months though.  And even then, we may keep Atlas and Globe
running for a couple more months.  But eventually, we'd like to shut
them down in favor of an actively maintained website.

Let us know if you're interested, and we're happy to provide more
details and discuss ideas with you.

All the best,
Philipp and Karsten

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