[tor-dev] Revised Relay Descriptor Fields proposal

isis isis at torproject.org
Mon Jul 14 23:28:32 UTC 2014

Damian Johnson transcribed 1.1K bytes:
> This is for extrainfo descriptors, not server descriptors. Do bridges
> publish extrainfo descriptors?

Oh. That wasn't clear to me from the proposal, but I must have simply
missed it.

Yes, bridges do publish extrainfo descriptors. BridgeDB parses those
as well, for now only to look for the `transport` lines.

> >  1. Why 5KB?
> >
> > Are we planning on allowing people to use Tor's consensus to pass
> > encrypted emails around? 
> >
> >> Should there be an upper bound for individual keys, values, or key/value
> >> pairs?
> This is something Virgil and I disagree about. I wanted a maximum line
> length and count, while he likes the net 5kb threshold. I'll let him
> explain his reasoning.

Encrypted emails... :)

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