[tor-dev] Syboa: gui desktop tor monitor

Sean Robinson robinson at tuxfamily.org
Mon Jul 14 12:39:54 UTC 2014

This email is to announce the first public release of Syboa[1], a tor
controller for monitoring a local daemon instance. My primary motivation
for Syboa was to replace TorK, so it looks[2] more like TorK than Vidalia.

Syboa is not ready for non-developer users[3]. But after seeing the "UX
Idea - A controller inside TBB"[4] thread last week, I decided to not wait
any longer. It handles 95% of my needs and about 60% of my wishes; it may
not work for anyone else.

Unfortunately, this is more of a "throw it over the garden wall" source
release as I do not have time to work on Syboa for the remainder of the
year. I do monitor the tor-dev mailing list or anyone can contact me
directly with questions.

[1] https://gitorious.org/syboa/syboa
[4] https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-dev/2014-July/007117.html


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