[tor-dev] What little-t-tor bridge features/issues we should address?

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Fri Jul 11 16:51:49 UTC 2014

Hello Roger and Nick,

as far as I know, bridge support was hastily implemented in
little-t-tor, and it does not support all the features we would like
it to support.

During the dev meeting roadmapping, we added a task about improving
the bridge implementation in Tor. Some of the items in the task are:

- Bridges should save bridge information to the state file (proposal 192)
- Fix UpdateBridgesFromAuthority.
- Obfsbridges should be able to hide their ORPort (#7349)

Some of those items are more long-term than others.

What other tasks would you like to see in there? We are looking for
tasks mainly related to bridges themselves, and not PTs.


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