[tor-dev] GSoC : Rewrite Tor Weather (Status Update 3)

Sreenatha Bhatlapenumarthi sreenatha.dev at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 21:25:22 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I've written most of the new weather's backend a.k.a the notification
scripts that run hourly(LowBandwidth, Nodedown) and daily(Welcome, Tshirt)
as cron jobs and this is how they essentially operate:
1. Fetch and parse required documents from Onionoo.
2. Filter out required relays(e.g 'running', 'stable' flagged for welcome
3. For each filtered relay:
  3.a. For each notification type:
      3.a.a. Query the corresponding subscription model to get subscribers'
      3.a.b. Collect the email(to, from, subject, content) to be sent.
4. Send out the collected mass email.
5. Delete old entries and/or update the django models.

I happened to make some changes the onionoo-wrapper module in this process
by modifying the response objects, utilities etc. The current version with
all the changes is available at
https://github.com/lucyd/tor-weather/tree/backend. After fixing a couple of
issues, I setup the vagrant+puppet environment that was previously
configured(#11417). I tested out the notification scripts and although the
daily script is working fine, the hourly script is giving a couple of
errors for now. I plan on fixing these pretty soon and testing the overall
weather to make sure everything's working fine.

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