[tor-dev] [GSoC 2014] Revamp GetTor status report #3

Israel Leiva israel.leiva at usach.cl
Wed Jul 2 05:11:07 UTC 2014

Hi all!

This is my third report for the Revamp GetTor GSoC project. It's not much,
since I'm finishing my semester and I haven't had much time to do complex


 [*] Fixed minor issues pointed out by my mentor on the Core module (still
one remaining). The biggest thing was to eliminate unnecessary inspection
of the stack to know which service was calling. I implemented a rather
simple solution: the service should be specified when calling the Core
module. This will help for statistics.

[*] Create the basis of the SMTP module. For now, it has the main classes
and methods to be used, with basic documentation and logging. There are
some methods with working code, but nothing definitive yet.

[*] Created a dummy script to test the SMTP module. For now, it just reads
emails from stdin (eml files).

Goals until next bi-weekly report:

[+] Fix the one remaining issue on the Core module.
[+] Have a functional SMTP module, hopefully tested on a real server.

As always, you can check what's been done on [0].

As I mentioned earlier, I'm finishing my semester and I'll be free by mid
of the next week. After that, I'll considerably increase my productivity in
order to achieve the timeline proposed.

[0]: https://github.com/ileiva/gettor/tree/master/src

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