[tor-dev] [Question] Onion router's bandwidth

hyoseok Lee zeusy222k at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 06:51:22 UTC 2014


I am junior student in Sungkyunkwan University,South Korea

I am studying Tor for my paper

In my research, onion router has to report its bandwidth by sending
descriptor to authority directory.

and then authority directory verifies onion router's bandwidth

[Question 1]

I hope to know the way how authority directory verifies bandwidth which
came from onion router.

I was told that authority directory had bandwidth verifying tool called
bandwidth scanner.

How can I get source code of bandwidth scanner ?

[Question 2]

I made my own onion router, I configured my onion router's bandwidth 100kB/s

But, In updated cached-microdesc-consensus file, My onion router's
bandwidth was estimated at 20kB/s and there is "unmeasured=1"

It means my onion router's bandwidth had not been estimated.

what is difference between measured router and unmeasured router ?

Thank you for reading my question
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