[tor-dev] Attributes of Current Public Bridges

Matthew Finkel matthew.finkel at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 05:09:05 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

Over the last few days there were a few questions raised regarding the
current status of public bridges and their pluggable transports. I've
written a script to gather some data points using the sanitized bridge
descriptors and extrainfo documents provided on metrics.tp.o. If anyone
is interested in any specific attributes then I can work on providing
them. Currently the script provides the number of bridges per distinct
OS (Linux, Windows, etc) and per OS version/arch (Windows 7, Windows 8,
Linux i386, etc), pluggable transports per OS, number of bridges using
a certain versions of Tor, number of bridges that provided contact
details (useful or not), and the number of bridges that have their
ExtORPort configured (but I'm not sure this is correct). Please let me
know what I should add to this list.

#10680 is opened for this, as well, so feel free to comment there, too.


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