[tor-dev] Allowing NAT for relay/exit nodes - Bootstrap file size

Juan Berner 89berner at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 19:00:38 UTC 2014


Im wondering if you have considered this, I haven't seen it anywhere:

1) Allow NAT clients to be TOR relay nodes (even maybe exit nodes) , this
would be done using a queue system, possibly in a hidden service but not
necessary, where nat relay nodes can query what tor clients want to connect
to them and initiate the connection. This would allow more nodes in the TOR

2) Reduce the bootstrap file size clients download. An increase in nodes
would increase the file, roughly 1.5mb right now, this file could be
decreased to 10k if clients would first download a list of hashes that
identify each OR, then they choose randomly and retrieve from the directory
the information for each of the hashes they choose. This would be a
temporary way to start connections while the real bootstrap file is being
downloaded. It would only benefit those clients with slow connections.

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