[tor-dev] TIMB - how may I contribute?

CIURANA EUGENE (pr3d4t0r) tor.dev at cime.net
Fri Feb 28 18:29:08 UTC 2014


On 2014-02-28 00:08, Karsten Loesing wrote: 

> Moving the
discussion of a good time for
> this meeting to a separate thread.
Eugene, will keep you posted how
> that goes!
> Eugene, for now, take
a look at the wiki page that lists a roadmap and a
> couple of open

-- IRC is fine; I'm almost always "in channel" though not always at my
workstation. My current time zone is PST or CST, depending on the day,
but I'll adapt to be around when others are available. 



pr3d4t0r @ #tor, #tails, #tor-dev
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