[tor-dev] TIMB - how may I contribute?

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Feb 28 08:08:28 UTC 2014

On 28/02/14 04:33, CIURANA EUGENE (pr3d4t0r) wrote:
> 30 years of experience; proficient in Java, C, Python,
> Objective-C, Smalltalk, and R, with a pile of other languages too for
> minor or one-time projects. Work primarily with OS X and Linux. Familiar
> with most CLI Linux project management tool, not familiar at all with
> Gnome/KDE/etc. 
> Coding, testing, translation, and server resources
> contributor to a wide range of open source projects like Jetty, Mule,
> Vim, WeeChat, Linux (looooong time ago; 1998), iPhone jailbreaks,
> DAViCal, etc. 
> In the real world I specialize in designing and building
> scalable, highly available systems (including gathering and managing the
> team to build them). 
> Rolling my sleeves up, ready to help.

Hi Eugene,

glad to hear that you're interested in contributing to TIMB!  Arlo and
Sukhbir (both cc'ed) are the best people to talk to.  (I'm helping them
with TIMB as project *cough* manager *cough*.)

Arlo, Sukhbir, how about we schedule an IRC meeting for next week and
discuss next steps?  We could invite Eugene and other people to join us
and help out.  There seems to be some momentum from the Slashdot post
[0] that we might want to use.  Moving the discussion of a good time for
this meeting to a separate thread.  Eugene, will keep you posted how
that goes!

Eugene, for now, take a look at the wiki page that lists a roadmap and a
couple of open tickets:


All the best,

[0] http://beta.slashdot.org/story/198773

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