[tor-dev] TIMB - how may I contribute?

CIURANA EUGENE (pr3d4t0r) tor.dev at cime.net
Fri Feb 28 03:33:01 UTC 2014



30 years of experience; proficient in Java, C, Python,
Objective-C, Smalltalk, and R, with a pile of other languages too for
minor or one-time projects. Work primarily with OS X and Linux. Familiar
with most CLI Linux project management tool, not familiar at all with

Coding, testing, translation, and server resources
contributor to a wide range of open source projects like Jetty, Mule,
Vim, WeeChat, Linux (looooong time ago; 1998), iPhone jailbreaks,
DAViCal, etc. 

In the real world I specialize in designing and building
scalable, highly available systems (including gathering and managing the
team to build them). 

Rolling my sleeves up, ready to help. 



pr3d4t0r @ #tor, #tails, #tor-dev
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