[tor-dev] Call for testing/review: obfsclient-0.0.1rc1

Yawning Angel yawning at schwanenlied.me
Thu Feb 27 08:59:17 UTC 2014

Hello all,

Due to a moment of surprising productivity, I have a release candidate
of obfsclient available now.  For those of you that missed the last
thread regarding this, it is a C++11 client implementation of
obfs2, obfs3, and ScrambleSuit that works as a drop in replacement for

Notable changes since the last time I posted:
 * ScrambleSuit code is now up to spec.
   * Packet length and Inter-packet Arrival Times are randomized.
   * Session Ticket Handshake is supported.
 * obfsclient will give up on handshaking after 60 seconds.
   * Needed because obfsproxy servers do not close the connection for
     certain protocols.
 * SIGINT is hooked and handled per the pt spec.
 * Some dumb bugs were fixed.

Places where obfsclient behaves differently from obfsproxy:
 * Current production obfsproxy releases disable Scramblesuit IAT
   obfuscation.  obfsclient also uses slightly different logic for
   sending with it enabled. (May change for final release)
 * WELL512 is used instead of MT for the ScrambleSuit packet length
 * obfsclient gives up when the handshaking stalls.
 * The SOCKS5 response is sent post obfuscation protocol handshake
   instead of before.
 * obfsclient uses SOCKS5 instead of SOCKS4.
 * The ScrambleSuit Session Ticket store is a plain text file.

Things that are not bugs:
 * ScrambleSuit requires the client side tor to be 0.2.5.x.
 * The code will not build if the compiler is from the stone age.

To what I assume will be a sigh of relief from Fabian, I tested on
FreeBSD as well this time.  The systems used for testing are in the
release notes.

Where: https://github.com/Yawning/obfsclient/releases/tag/v0.0.1-rc1

Thanks in advance,

Yawning Angel
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