[tor-dev] Tor Browser Weekly IRC meetings at 19:00 UTC Wednesdays

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Tue Feb 25 21:10:22 UTC 2014

At the dev meting, we agreed to hold weekly TBB meetings in #tor-dev on
IRC (irc.oftc.net), ideally either before or after the tor-core
meetings. It looks like we're going to shoot for Wednesdays at 11:00am
PST/19:00 UTC. If we can agree on this time, Nick has said that the
tor-core meetings may be able to follow ours, pending approval from the
rest of the Tor folks.

For the meetings themselves, I think we should try the following format,
inspired by Scrum, but less rigid. Everyone makes 0 or more statements
on the following three topics, with time for responses from others:

1. What have you been working on last week that other TBB people should
be aware of? 

2. Will you be working on anything TBB related next week that
should/could involve other people?

3. Do you need anything else from anyone else to help you make progress
or to get something reviewed+merged? If so, what do you need?

These meetings won't be used for progress metrics/evaluation, so don't
feel the need to inflate things, explain already-solved snags in detail,
discuss your various non-TBB/life distractions, or anything like that.
The purpose here is strictly TBB coordination.

In particular, if you've been working on stuff that either isn't
TBB-related or is too premature to be worth discussing in detail yet,
you can skip items 1 and 2 entirely, or make them extremely brief (ie
"Worked on the updater").

Similarly, if you're blocked on stuff that doesn't require other
people's help/input to solve, you can skip item 3. Don't feel obligated
to tell us about issues that involving others won't really help.

However, when discussion is necessary, we can and should deviate from
the #1/#2/#3 pattern to discuss people's work/questions in some detail
without plowing straight through to the next person immediately.

After everyone has their turn to say what's they've been doing/what's
needed, we can do a little bit of freeform discussion on whatever other
issues seem pressing and who should be doing what next, discuss any
future releases/deadlines, and discuss recent support issues if any
support people are present.

We will hard-stop at 20:00 UTC for the tor-core dev meeting to start (but
hopefully will finish much earlier than that). If we end up consistently
finishing early, we can make it later so as to run more fluidly into the
tor-core meeting, for people who want to attend both.

Mike Perry
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