[tor-dev] GSoC Ideas

Vighnesh Birodkar vighneshbirodkar at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 08:27:11 UTC 2014


I am found a couple of ideas from the Ideas Page interesting . I was a GSoC
student for SimpleCV last year. In the past I've programmed in C,C++,Java
and Python .

Following are my queries .

1. Search for Hidden Services .

I apologize in advance if there is something obviously wrong with my idea.
Dark Web consists of information that cannot be crawled because it doesn't
appear as hyperlinks in other pages . But someone somewhere will always
have access to this information, either by entering search queries ,
through subscriptions or logging in. What if we can index all the pages a
browser visits ? Users can voluntarily install and enable or disable a
plugin in their browsers . This plugin will index process ( and maybe index
) pages locally and upload it's data to servers which will hold the global
index .

2. Develop a Censorship Analyzer

Will this be a part of any existing tor projects ? What is a student
required to do to be considered suitable for this ?

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