[tor-dev] Accessing hidden services with TAP or ntor

Qingping Hou dave2008713 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 02:01:40 UTC 2014

On Thu 20 Feb 2014 05:41:53 PM EST, grarpamp wrote:
> Would be nice to be able to fetch and print out the HS descriptor from the
> controller. I posted/ticketed a rough proposed command operation spec
> for that maybe 6mo ago that we had some mutual review/interest/code
> on this list. Don't know it's current status... Qingping?

Printing out the whole descriptor in controller will be something nice 
to have :)

However, I think to trouble shoot this issue, current events in 
controller is probably enough. You can at least get following 

* can we get a descriptor off the hsdirs
   * if not, likely something bad happened on hsdir
* can we establish rendezvous circuit
   * if not, chosen RP suddenly disappeared from the network?
* can we receive introduction ack
   * if not, try another introduction point
* can RP join the rendezvous circuit
* can we get any reply from the stream
   * if not, there is something wrong with HS

This should be able to help us narrow the problem.

If we can reproduce this over our own HS, then it should be easy to 
trouble shoot the problem since we will have control over RP, IP and 
HS. But we will never know what goes wrong on hsdir  :(

I can maybe help with this a bit since my HS profiling tool already 
collects all these information.

Is it very easy to reproduce this for any HS?


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