[tor-dev] Your 'Relay Web Status Panel' GSoC idea

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Fri Feb 7 18:39:46 UTC 2014

> I had suggested something pretty similar (as a replacement for Vidalia,
> for example) quite a while ago (on IRC only maybe?) and several people
> thought it was a completely horrible idea (e.g. "that'll NEVER happen")
> mostly on the grounds of what Damian pointed out already (cross-protocol
> attacks, bigger attack surface) plus fears like getting people used to
> looking at "a web thing" to control Tor means fake "web things" get
> easier to attack them with, ...
> Aren't these concerns valid for the relay cases and for a "client"
> (tor-router) sort of thing as well?

Hi Meejah. I wasn't part of those earlier irc discussions so I can't
speak to their concerns. If someone has an actual issue they're
worried about then I'm happy to discuss it here.

> If not, or if tor-dev thinks this *could* be made to work (securely), I
> could potentially dig out the proof-of-concept I had for anyone who wanted
> a starting-point to tackle this (with txtorcon + Twisted of course, plus
> d3.js for realtime bandwidth graphs plus some comet/ajax thing I forget
> right now).

Neat! A proof of concept would certainly help to bootstrap the project. :P

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