[tor-dev] Weather post-GSoC

meejah meejah at meejah.ca
Sun Aug 31 19:26:13 UTC 2014

Lukas Erlacher <tor at lerlacher.de> writes:

> 1. Review onionoo_wrapper and merge changes back into OnionPy

Awesome, that all sounds good.
I agree about the properties vs. dicts.

> It's nowhere near done, and I'm confused what the files
> weatherapp/rewrite_daily.py and weatherapp/rewrite_hourly.py are
> doing. rewrite_daily.py has basically the same code as
> weatherapp/management/commands/rundaily.py, but rewrite_hourly is all
> alone.

The "new stuff" is the rewite_(hourly|daily) scripts, which will be run
from cron (although I don't think Vagrant has this config yet). I do not
believe the others are required; more for reference?  Ultimately,
they'll get deleted.

Thanks for tackling this, I'll take a look at your branch as time
allows, hopefully later this week.


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