[tor-dev] obfs4 test bundles

Yawning Angel yawning at schwanenlied.me
Fri Aug 29 02:35:51 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

I just uploaded a new set of obfs4 test bundles to:

I forgot to change the file names (oops), but that shouldn't affect the
bundles and regenerating them just to rename/reversion would take quite
a while, so I'll pass on doing so.

Changes since the last version:
 * obfs4proxy
   * obfs4proxy -v will print versioning information.
   * Bridge side logging will sanitize golang networking errors unless
     the log scrubber is disabled.
   * Bridge lines now use Base16 instead of Base64 to work around bugs
     in the pt bridge args processing.
   * A dumb bug that was causing TYPE_PRNG_SEED frames to be silently
     ignored was fixed.
   * Bridge lines now have "iat-mode" which controls Inter-Arrival Time
     obfuscation.  This is done so the bridge administrator can specify
     client behavior (Default is to disable IAT obfuscation).
   * There is now an optional paranoid IAT obfuscation mode, which
     disables optimizations made around bulk data transfer for
     additional obfuscation.  This has a major impact on bulk data
     throughput and is not recommended.

 * Bundling
   * The #12535 patch is integrated into the goptlib build process, and
     go based pluggable transports will use SOCKS5.  Eventually the
     patch will be merged into goptlib proper.
   * The default test bridge was updated to the new bridge line format,
     and includes the "iat-mode" argument.
   * The obfs4proxy and Go licenses are now included in the bundle.

I have verified that the linux64 and windows (thanks to a friend)
bundles appear to be functional. If you wish to follow obfs4
deployment the bug associated with this task is #12130.

Questions, comments, feedback welcome.

Yawning Angel
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