[tor-dev] Bandwidth Weighted Node selection algorithm

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Thu Aug 28 22:12:07 UTC 2014

saurav dahal:
> Hello,
> In the paper,
>  "Zhen Ling; Junzhou Luo; Wei Yu; Ming Yang; Xinwen Fu, "Extensive analysis
> and large-scale empirical evaluation of tor bridge discovery," *INFOCOM,
> 2012 Proceedings IEEE* , vol., no., pp.2381,2389, 25-30 March 2012",
> the author has mentioned about Bandwidth Weighted Node selection algorithm.
> He has mentioned about bandwidth weights WG and WE, responsible for node
> selection.
> But in the Tor directory protocol version 3, there is no such mention of
> these weights but rather there are other weights such as Wgg, Wee, etc.
> Can anybody please elaborate on this?

See 3.8.3 of dir-spec.txt and 2.2 of path-spec.txt:

Most probably the WG and WE shorthand was to refer to all Wg* and We*
weights (ie Wgg and Wgd, and Wed and Wee).

Mike Perry
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