[tor-dev] Prototype Primitives for Website Traffic Fingerprinting defenses

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Thu Aug 28 03:57:05 UTC 2014

Mike Perry:
> I've inserted a couple of corrections and clarifications below. I'm
> leaving original text fully quoted for the archive.
> [nah. *snip*]

I've converted this text and a few other clarifications and additions
into something that more closely resembles a Tor proposal.

It now lives at:

I'm really rather excited about the Adaptive Padding primitives in
particular, especially with our extensions to the original idea. I think
it has a lot of promise to be extremely effective, tunable, and flexible
as a traffic fingerprinting defense.

Those of you who know just how crazy^Wambitious I am also know that I
think it will actually impede end-to-end correlation as well (at least,
for short-lived/bursty web-like traffic). But we'll cross that bridge
when it starts burning. First, let's put this traffic fingerprinting
problem out of its misery :)

Mike Perry
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