[tor-dev] GSoC final progress update (Stegotorus)

Noah Rahman selimthegrim at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 12:18:27 UTC 2014

The following tickets were largely achieved (last is in process of

- adding config file (see branch
- adding elligator handshake (
https://github.com/TheTorProject/stegotorus/tree/f--circuit-handshake) [0]
- moving remaining stegs over to class-based structure (see note (1) below)

The following are "on deck" and I intend to work on them after GSoC code
submission date of August 22.

- SOCKS proxy over wire from Tor (see
- adding SRI code into Tor fork (such as new JSON steg) - this was simply
not anywhere near ready in time for the summer, but now has TBB and gitian
ready to go
- making transparent proxy robust (as security measure in case stegotorus
server is probed)

[0] this needs one last check for out of order packets.
[1] I was hypothesizing that new larger default buffer size or excessive
pointer casting was causing performance issues, but perusal of JavaScript
patch via valgrind revealed memory leaks in the decompression methods of
several steg mod classes. I am in the process of addressing this. This
causes intermittent, not consistent failures, so unit tests would not
consistently catch this.
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