[tor-dev] Role of Bandwidth weight

saurav dahal dahal.saurav at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 02:08:31 UTC 2014


I studied about section 3.5.3 computing bandwidth weights in Tor Directory
Protocol Version 3. I know now how to compute the values of these weights.

1) I am not able to understand how these values are used in path selection
by the client. Anybody please highlight on this.

2) There are guard flagged nodes, Exit flagged nodes and Guard+Exit flagged
nodes in Tor network which are used in guard position and exit position
while making circuit by the client. I know that for choosing guard flagged
node in guard position, weight Wgg is used, for choosing exit flagged node
in exit position, Wee is used, and for choosing Guard+Exit flagged node,
Wgd or Wed is used. lets say that Wgd < Wgg and Wed < Wee. Then how is it
that G+E flagged node be choosen in guard position or exit position?



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