[tor-dev] 3.6.3-meek-2 bundles that can use the Amazon CloudFront CDN

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Sun Aug 3 06:28:08 UTC 2014

I made some test meek bundles that are capable of using the Amazon
CloudFront CDN as a backend, in addition to Google App Engine that was
supported before.



To test it, go to the pluggable transport screen, and choose
"meek-amazon" from the selection box.

meek is a pluggable transports that hides the true destination of your
communication (a Tor bridge) by hiding it behind a different domain
name. When you select meek-amazon from the list, your traffic will
appear to a censor to be going to the domain a0.awsstatic.com, but will
actually be going to a Tor bridge on cloudfront.net.

I signed up for the Amazon Web Services free tier, which limits use to
50 GB and 2 million HTTP requests per month. Please feel free to use it,
but don't depend on it not going away. If it becomes too expensive,
we'll have to shut it down until we can find a way to fund operation
long-term. (The same goes for App Engine, BTW.)

David Fifield

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