[tor-dev] [GSoC] Consensus diffs - Fifth report

Daniel Martí mvdan at mvdan.cc
Sat Aug 2 19:25:31 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

This is the fifth status report of my Google Summer of Code project,
which is to implement consensus diffs for Tor. My mentors - Sebastian and
Nick - and myself usually hold meetings on IRC on wednesday at 16h UTC.

As described in my last report, I have spent the past couple of weeks
integrating my work into the main Tor repository. It builds fine with
the rest, all gcc/clang warnings were solved (mostly just C89
declaration errors) and all make check-spaces warnings were also fixed.

You can see the result on the repository I created a few weeks ago on
github [1]. You want the branch 'consdiff-1', where you will find
src/or/consdiff.{h,c} and src/test/test_consdiff.c.

I also added some very basic logging, so that the public consdiff_*
functions will log what went wrong when returning NULL. I used
LD_GENERAL for now, which I assume is wrong - suggestions welcome.

I also simplified some bits for easier readability and usage, which can
be found in the commit history. But most notably, I improved the docs
and comments. The idea is to be able to stumble upon consdiff.c for the
first time and be able to understand what it does, how and why in just a
few minutes. It's hard to tell whether I did a good job at that -
criticism very much appreciated.

Most of that happened during the first week, as I was on a quick holiday
during the second. Nick gave me some pointers on how to continue with
the integration, and that's what I'll be doing in the next few days. The
first thing to do is figure out a way to store multiple consensuses on
disk, to be used to fetch and create diffs accordingly.

There are now just over two weeks left, but I am confident that I can
finish all the coding early enough to be able to test the whole thing


[1] https://github.com/mvdan/tor

Daniel Martí - mvdan at mvdan.cc - http://mvdan.cc/
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