[tor-dev] [GSoC 2014] Revamp GetTor status update #5

Israel Leiva israel.leiva at usach.cl
Sat Aug 2 00:49:07 UTC 2014

Hi all!

This is my fifth status update for the Revamp GetTor GSoC project. I'll try
summarize what I've done so far. If you have any comments, please tell me.


[*] New file structure of the current work. All modules now inside a gettor
package. Everything is cleaner now.

[*] Major code cleaning, better comments and error handling. Created
exceptions for possible issues on every module. Created new module with
utilities for the core module and the others (smtp and xmpp so far).

[*] Created XMPP module. It receives messages and reply with links in the
given locale (if specified; english by default).

[*] Added info about built-in pluggable transports; if somebody mention pt,
pluggable transports, obfs, obfsproxy, we reply him/her with additional
info about the built-in pluggable transports (dummy message for now).

[*] Added sha1 info of packages along with the dropbox links.

Goals until next (last) bi-weekly report:

[+] Solve pending issues on XMPP module
[+] Test SMTP module on a mail server.
[+] Create a basic Twitter module.
[+] Create basic documentation of what was done during gsoc.

As always, you can check what's been done on [0]. Have a nice weekend!

[0]: https://github.com/ileiva/gettor/tree/master/src

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