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Fri Aug 1 11:37:52 UTC 2014


Hi all, 

my name is Omar, I am 33 years old and I am an Italian IT
Engineer, I have worked for more than 10 years in coding and now I am a
Portfolio Manager. I am quite interesting in TOR and in the application
related. I have these two following idea for new TOR related project
(obviously if you think can be useful I would like to be the owner, to
have the property right or I do not how work this...please give me more
information regarding that): 

1. the first idea is more related to
OnionCoffee, due to the fact that I would like use this library to
provide another kind of anonyms for android, and if possible why not for
apple. What I mean is to create a "ping pong" signal with several
different Base Station so that your current location is unknown or
appear like if you are in several place in the same time if someone
trying to follow your mobile and your physical movement, or through GPS
or through the signal you exchange with your nearer base station where
you smart phone is connected. this is help you to stay safe and located
in several place and not in only one, so if people looking for you and
map your physical movement they do not know where you are really located

2. the second idea is TOR related, because I know TOR manage the
header of the package send by TCP protocol so that no one can trace your
connection and I would like to create an encryption library that encode
and decode all the content of the data exchanged in the payload with a
quantum cryptography algorithm, that give you the chance to exchange
data and if something happen during the connection (like someone try to
attack your data) the data content change, like in the Heisenberg
principle. Create a client java library that encode and decode all
content that you want to encrypt, for example a private chat. This I
dare say add a new level of anonymity in addition to the fact to hide
you location and who you are: you hide the content of what you are

I would like to create this two kind of project having the
copyright of the idea and becoming the owner of this two projects. Of
course I need technical knowledge support to build this. In which way
TOR organize these things or I have to think to everything? 

What do
you think about that? 

Thanks for your advises on my idea. 


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