[tor-dev] Please help testing a new Onionoo version that uses Gson to format documents

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Apr 25 17:53:09 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

[I'm blind-copying everyone who I know has been working on an Onionoo
client in the past.  If you received two copies of this email, or if you
received this email even though you're not subscribed to tor-dev@, and
you don't want to be informed of updates related to Onionoo, please let
me know.]

Please help testing the Onionoo version running here:

This version uses Google's Gson library to format JSON documents, rather
than concatenating strings that happen to represent JSON documents
(#11577).  While this change doesn't sound very difficult, it required
quite a few code changes.  This is good, because the new code is much
cleaner.  I'm just not certain whether I broke things.

Please try to point your Onionoo client to the new Onionoo version and
see if something breaks.  Please also try edge cases and give this
Onionoo instance a hard time.  Just note that this version only contains
a few days of data.  Things to try out in particular:

 - Responses contain less whitespace than before.  Please make sure that
your client handles the more compact responses correctly.

 - UTF-8 characters in details documents should still be in escaped
form, e.g., \u00F2 for the ò in Filastò in the contact field.  Other
fields that might contain UTF-8 characters are city_name, as_name, etc.

 - The fields parameter for details documents required some hacking, so
I might have broken it.

I'm planning to deploy the new version on yatei in 5--7 days from now.
If you find a bug, please either comment on #11577 or open a new ticket,
whatever seems more appropriate.

Thanks for your help!

All the best,

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