[tor-dev] GSoC: Orbot and Orfox

Amogh Pradeep amoghbl1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 16:07:06 UTC 2014

Hey everyone,

I'm Amogh Pradeep, a student at International Institute of Information
Technology, I have been accepted as a GSoC student this year and I am going
to work on the android app for tor, Orbot as well as a new browser
implementation called Orfox. Orfox is a new idea, the aim is to implement a
complete browser based on GeckoView which has been built by Mozilla. This
would hopefully replace the current Orweb browser as the default browser
that works with Orbot.

For more details on my project, and the proposal itself, you can find it at
[0]. I'm online on OFTC and freenode under the nick amoghbl1, feel free to
contact me anytime.

Amogh Pradeep,
Developer, Student.
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