[tor-dev] Python Only Tor Client?

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Mon Apr 21 20:48:42 UTC 2014

>> Hi all,
>> does anyone know of any work to make a Python Only Tor Client, that just
>> enable to expose a Tor Hidden Service?
>> It would be very cool if it would be possible to avoid "Tor binary" as a
>> dependency for Globaleaks, making it pure Python application code.
>> The questions are:
>> - Are there projects that foresee to do something like that?
>> - From a Tor Project perspective, does it make sense?
>> - From a Security perspective, are there strong security implications in
>> doing so?
> I think it makes sense - the effort will be similar to Orchid which is
> written in pure Java. It is a great deal of work. If someone were to
> serious consider this effort - I think they should probably talk
> extensively with Nick, Roger, Andrea and probably also Bruce (who
> wrote Orchid) as they're probably the four most qualified people to
> make suggestions.
> All the best,
> Jacob

If such a project ever got going then I'd be interested in helping
out. Stem already provides a python implementation of many Tor data
types (descriptors, exit policies, controller messages), providing
quite a bit to bootstrap with. I'd love to see a project that uses
small C modules for libevent and crypto, but shifts the bulk of
descriptor and controller handling to a higher level language (be it
Python, Go, or whatever).

Oh well. I can dream. :)

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